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Please check this fact first. What is the size of the territory of Belize?

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VISION aims to make Belizean history and civics the most accessible history and civics in Central America and the Caribbean.


To become a premier repository of information on history, current events and civics available to Belizeans and visitors.

VALUES places a high level of importance to knowledge in creating a better life for all Belizeans. endeavours to make information about Belize available to all Belizeans.


To use the Internet to make Belizeans and visitors aware of the geologic, natural, economic, political, and cultural history of Belize.

To compile the history of Belize and make it available to citizens and visitors on the Internet.

What we do:

In 2013, we dared to start teaching Belizean lessons which were previously not taught to the masses but reserved for the elites.
We did this to show to roots Belizeans, some useful paths to personal development in our homeland. Watch ya.


Belize Fact and Figures Workbook

Belize facts and figures
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Why did we do this:


A lot of Belizeans are not reaching their full potential because we lack access to high-impact, meaningful information that can drive positive personal outcomes. So, we wrote something that showed connections that were not shown before: Where we came from as a nation, what challenges face most Belizeans as we become adults, and what are unique opportunities for those who stay to develop Belize.


After our first printing, we aligned our book to the Belizean Studies curriculum that emerged in 2019, the same year that the first edition of Belize Facts and Figures was published and printed. The curriculum can be found here and approaches teaching Belize with 7 big questions below.


After we published our second edition, we published a workbook and a workbook app in 2021. The workbook app is pretty cool. Basically, it’s the workbook on a laptop or an Android phone. Anybody can use it and anybody can check the students’ progress. About ½ of the work in the app is computer-graded and ½ has to be graded by the teacher.


By the time you finish using these products, you will be an expert on Belize and you will see where you can fit in. You will be at a distinct advantage while moving forward in life.

Do you intend to have fun learning on this website?

1. How can we study Belize?

This is a good way to study and understand Belize:

  • Gather data by reading, recording or capturing notes or bytes from experiments or observations of your surroundings.
  • Analyzed the data by watching words or numbers to make conclusions and produce information.
  • Information is then complied and simplified to produce knowledge.
  • The acquisition of different forms of knowledge produces wisdom or the ability to make the correct choices in unprecedented situations.
Haynes Thinking Portrait

Wisdom complicates your life:

2. What does it mean to be Belizean?

Belize has the highest population growth rate in CARICOM and SICA, but one of the lowest annual GDP growth rates. Is that a Tikking time bomb or an opportunity?

Belizeans are:

Respectful, humble, loving, fair, friendly, live within their means, resourceful, traditional, caring. Some Belizeans do have Agape love.

The Nation:

There are many ethnic groups who form the nation of Belize and they each bring something different to the table.

Name an exemplary Belizean that you have met:

3. Where did we come from?:

Most Belizeans are descendants of immigrants.

The Yurumein was started by which ethnic group?

Excellent you got it Correct

Some of our ancestors came to avoid war and seek opportunities to be productive.

portrait of war

Some of our ancestors were brought here forcefully. Millions died during the Middle Passage and their bodies were thrown into the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. They were kidnapped to work and die so that the colonizers could attain immeasurable wealth, so much money that no one family could use or spend.

portrait of slavesWho are these men being forced to work in Belize in the 1700s?

4. What are humanity’s big turning points and what role does Belize play in the world?

Belizean Timeline/Turning Points

Thinking up of Belize

This meeting was at a major turning point in Belize.

Below is a timeline of all the major events that impacted belize; however they are six that had monumental signifcance. See if you can select all six

The end of 1949 was a turning point for Belize because the independence movement started overnight and Independence became imminent as we Belizeans experienced economic hardship after WWII.

5. How can all Belizeans thrive, now and in the future? What connects humanity and nature?

Farm life

Do you think the people in this diagram Suspect each other or Trust each other?

Belizeans love green forests and blue waters. But many of the forests have been abused and we have sent some of our marine species into extinction. Belize’s coast and the land are vulnerable. We must be proactive in protecting these.
There is constant need to be vigilant that we protect our ecosystems from abuse.

forest painting

Deforestation has occurred in Belize and we should replant trees like mahogany, rosewood, granadillo and zericote.

parrot paintingParrots have been “overloved” in Belize and their habitats need to be protected. Download this map and shade the Blade Nature Reserve where Scarlet McKaws frequent at certain times of the year. Investigate the geology of this area and tell why it is special.

painting of grouper

Do you think it is better to depend more on the resources that surround us or the resources in our brains?


6. Why is Belize an independent nation-state?

Belize is independent and has self-determination because the nation has:

painting of Said Musa, George Price and Fidel Castro

7. How can we live together in harmony and how does power function in Belize?

The Constitution and laws of Belize were written to organize the government and society by sharing power, protect the freedoms and rights of citizens and respect our national symbols.

Who are these three people and what institutions do they represent? :

painting with the govenor general,leader of the opposition and Prime Minister

These are the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and the Governor General

8. Who creates change and How can we make change?

People who can lead make change. These are people who have vision and are willing to work.

portrait of processing agricultural produce

Inspect the portrait above and see identify what the lady is leading


What hotel did she own and what organization was she a pioneer in?

Educational Pledge

  • I will make my education relevant to my life today and tomorrow in Belize (Drone agriculture) Local preparation, for inevitable global change.
  • My Education and My Creativity can definitely take me places (Arilee Petters) A good place to find inspiration is to look at Belizean overcomers. Arlee Peters portrait
  • I will study hard and run our new industries in the food, energy, biotechnology, wood, mining, garments/fashion, transportation, yet unknown industries etc so that . manufacturing will contribute 40% of our GDP by 2050.
  • I am young and my mind is my biggest asset. I could do almost anything I am capable of imagining, if my mind is educated. industries portrait
  • I will reduce poverty in Belize to less than 10% by 2050 by creating new and honorable opportunities for myself and my neighbors even if my own people oppose me.
  • Even though I have faced a lot of challenges from very young, I will not be discouraged and I will sacrifice to make good things happen.
  • court portrait I will not commit any kind of offence. I agree (Hold down this button)
  • portrait of university I will strive to attain my bachelors degree. I agree (Hold down this button)

People, Culture and History

Knowing our history: History is for us to estimate and plan for the future: not to glorify or lament over the past. We use history to help understand the present and create a worthwhile future.

By knowing our history we will be able to see how those who have lived before us faced the challenges dealt to them and worked to solve them. Some have been conscientious and solved problems, some were indifferent and never did anything special. Others have been the cause of some of the problems in our country.

But today, we are responsible for our own lives, to develop and give account for the talents that have been bestowed into each of us to make the country a better place for all.

We help to open people’s minds with facts, which are the building blocks to free-up people from misconceptions and foster the creative and problem solving spirit. (East Indian curry) Garifuna baking Maya Nixtamalization Creole Wine Founding Fathers making cultural dishes

Processing of corn into masa, a delicious and nutritious food.

tools used to make dishesTools used to make cassava bread, a source of dietary energy.

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