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The Creoles

The Creole culture of Belize developed as the British and African cultures mixed over the generations. The center of Creole culture lies in Belize City as it has done from the late 1700s. Apart from the traditional home of Belize City, distinctly Creole villages in Belize have included Freetown Sibun, Gales Point Manatee and More Tommorow Village. At these locations, the Creole culture persists with many culinary traditions, festivals and music.

The food in these villages is often Rice and Beans along with meats such as Hicatee, Gibnut or Deer which are hunted from nearby rivers or forests. Creole music includes the Bruckdown but may also include Gombay drumming which is distinct from the Garifuna drums.

Building on a tradition of hard work, Creole professionals who emerged in Belize include Mr. Henry Fairweather, one of the surveyors who triangulated the Western Border of Belize. Mr. James Hyde who worked with the Ministry of Natural Resources developed systems for determining the value of Belizean land and was one of the first shrimp growers in the country. Dr. Colin Young has also contributed to the field of Natural Resource utilization. Mr. Michael Usher was one of the first native geologists and was pivotal in the discovery of oil in the Spanish Lookout Area; the first economically viable oil well in Belize was named in his honour.

Another eminent citizen to emerge was Dr. Kenrick Leslie who was the country’s first meteorologist. Dr. Leslie also developed detailed knowledge on climate using lasers. Dr. Leslie’s work has produced ten patents which have been used to develop instruments which pilots use when flying in bad weather. Other notable Belizean atmospheric scientists included Mr. Fred Evans and Mr. Carlos Fuller. These scientists who worked at the Metereolgy Service brought some of the first personal computers to Belize.

Dr. Arlie Petters is successful Belizean who has worked on a mathematical theory that light is bent as it passes around massive objects in space. Dr. Petters has also conducted camps and has written books to develop the knowledge and skills of Belizean children.

Achievements have also been made in the field of medicine by pioneers like Mr. Hart Bennet who was one of the first medical laboratory technicians in the country. He was followed in the field by scientists like Dr. Leroy Taegar, Dr. Ellsworth Grant, Dr Neil Garbutt, Dr. Avery August, Dr. Bernard Bulwer, and Dr. Egbert Grinage, among others.

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