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Belize Facts and Figures for Android


Belize Facts and Figures is meant to teach everything Belize, from the structure and function of the ecosystems to the tax system.  This ebook is intended to play an important role in the process of encouraging highly informed and functional citizens, residents and visitors.  A good portion of the knowledge in this book is the product of primary research and has never been published before.

This version is for devices using the Android Operating system.  An email with a link to the Google Playstore and a Password for instant access is sent to the email address you provide.  Download is less than a minute.

Price is in Belize Dollars ($BZ).



InterLogic Publishers has taken highly technical scientific knowledge derived through interviews, reports and scientific journals and has simplified this information so that the all readers can understand. The book has details of what happened 360 million years ago in the geologic history of Belize to what was the objective of the last constitutional amendment.

Coupled with this highly technical knowledge, InterLogic Publishers has used hundreds of original photographs of industries, archaeological and historical sites, ecosystems, flora, fauna etc to tell the story of Belize.

The artwork in this book was created by some of Belize’s finest and help to make complex concepts come alive.  One of our commissions is already in a national museum.

Persons who read and study this book will be at a significant advantage over their peers who are not exposed to the content.


Part 1: The beginnings of planet Earth.

Part 2: Belize in the Caribbean and Central American regions.

Part 3: How the geography of the region, and the ecosystems of Belize came to be.

Part 4: From the first humans in our country to the upcoming proceedings of the ICJ.

Part 5: What Government is about, laws and money.

Part 6: The economic structure and opportunities in Belize.

Part 7: Social services in Belize.

First Published in 2019.  Content digitally available in 2022.  Current Edition:  Third Edition.

Download  a scanned Table of Contents here: