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Belize Facts and Figures Workbook for Android


The Belize Facts and Figures Workbook Application (App) was created for students to have fun while understanding the big issues facing the nation and taking hold of their role in Belize’s development using a digital modality.  It offers over 95% of the activities in the printed version.   This is the Android version.

This version is for devices using the Android Operating system.  An email with a link to the Google Playstore and a Password for instant access is sent to the email address you provide.  Download is less than a minute.


Price is in Belize Dollars ($BZ).

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Students do the work in the app and submit to their teacher’s email.   The App grades the closed ended questions and allows teachers to assess the higher order questions.  It allows students to work towards understanding the past, making the best decisions in the present and setting the stage for a good future.  It promotes protecting the functions of our forests and other ecosystems for the stability of our communities and the world.   The students of today will be the managers of tomorrow and they should know how to find the optimal balance between the needs and wants in the present versus what we leave for future generations.

Our chapters start with a motivational introduction then proceed into true or false, finish the sentence, multiple choice, word searches, cross word puzzles and word scrambles.  The higher order questions are the drawings, charts, diagrams, short answers, research and mind map questions.

The overall goal is for students to have fun, learn independently and become lifelong learners using this digital modality.

This App version is for devices using the Android platform.

Published in 2022


Download  a scanned Table of Contents here:  WORKBOOK FOR BELIZE FACTS AND FIGURES