Frantz Smith

Phone:(+501) 631-6472


Marilynn Tulcey

Phone:(+501) 608-8088


Emily Martinez Palacio

Phone:(+501) 630-0572


Mission & Strategy

VISION aims to make Belizean history and civics the most accessible history and civics in Central America and the Caribbean.


To become a premier repository of information on history, current events and civics available to Belizeans and visitors.

VALUES places a high level of importance to knowledge in creating a better life for all Belizeans. endeavours to make information about Belize available to all Belizeans.



To use the Internet to make Belizeans and visitors aware of the geologic, natural, economic, political, and cultural history of Belize.

To compile the history of Belize and make it available to citizens and visitors on the Internet.

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